Our PVC and Lacquer Colors

PVC Colors

Bute White 101-1​

One of the most beautiful shades of white

Ash White 101-3​

White Fang

Pearl Cream 201

Kremin en soft tonlarından

Micro Anthracite 9007

The trend in which the light shades of anthracite

Freeze Anthracite 114-4

The trend in which the freeze surfaced tones of anthracite

Bute Black 112

The noblest form of black

Light Santana 1288

Light santana that makes a difference with its texture

Devine Oak 9010

A different touch with tree pattern

Teak 231

The Trend in which the Teak’s closest to natural wood

Milano Noce 9006

Harmony of Milano series popular tree

Bambu 236

The modern soft version of classic Bamboo

Rustic Walnut 2060

A different interpretation of walnuts

Anatolian Walnut 2320​

The Anatolian warmth we are used to

Tanganica 212

The combination of modernism and walnut

Venge 011

An indispensable part of a different look at contrast

Our Premium PVC Colors

HG Black 410

The unique noble shine of piano black

Pixel Gold 305

A different touch to gold

HG White 404

The indispensable bright white of the HighGloss series

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